Basic Policy on Privacy

Basic policy

We recognize importance of "protection and the inflection of the personal
information" in the information-intensive society, and we observe laws and
ordinances concerned and other models about all professional personal
information to deal with. We manage it, and common knowledge is thorough to all
employees and other people concerned, and maintenance will in this way improve
these the development of voluntary official regulations in consideration for a trend
about the personal information protection and use continuously.

Action Guidelines

1.We acquire personal information by a legitimate and appropriate method and do
not perform the unjust collection.
2.We are clarify the use of personal information, and deal with this to the extent
necessary to achieve that purpose.
3.We will endeavor to keep the content accurate and up-to-date to the extent
necessary to use purpose, personal information held.
4.When handling your personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate
for safety management and prevention of tampering and English leakage
5.When handling personal information, we will consider it so that can be involved
in appropriate information subject (person).

May, 2013
Suzuki Precion Co.,LTD.

About the Personal Information Handling

Ltd. Suzuki Precion recognizes that it is an important responsibility as a business
operator handling personal information, we have established the following the
handling policy, to protect the personal information of all the people that are
providing personal information to us is, to protect personal information will work. 

1.About management of the personal information

For disclosure of personal information, loss, destruction of prevention of loss, etc.,
in accordance with the internal regulations of our laws and regulations, and
guidelines, our company is committed to protecting your personal information and
take the appropriate
safety management measures, held.
In addition,we perform education about the appropriate handling of the personal
information for the employee and try to make sure of the protection.

2.About the acquisition and a use purpose of the personal information

When they acquire personal information, we perform it by appropriate means based
on law-abiding. 

3.About the offer to a third party of the personal information

We do not do that, except for the following: to provide personal information to a
third party
If you have received the consent of the person in question in advance
In order to achieve the purpose of use, if you want to provide to business partners
subcontractors that we make the appropriate supervision, the agency etc.
If you are put in a state to obtain a readily notice or an offer destination data
items used for the purpose, provided, providing means, the stop request and has
personal information for the purpose of providing to a third party
If you are ordered to provide based on the law of human life, if judicial authority
that the consent of the individual if necessary to protect the health or property is
, from government agencies
If we merger, spin-off, in the transfer of business, etc., to provide personal

4.About an inquiry and procedures such as the disclosure of the personal

Thank you for your cooperation because there is the case at the time of inquiry,
asking for confirmation or a legitimate representative of the person in question or
the person in question. Please note if applicable to the following matters, that it
not respond toyour request.

If you can not be confirmed by the legal representative or the person in question
If you have been disclosed with respect to personal information that do not apply
retained personal data of our company (note:1), correction, addition, deletion,
your request suspension of use, etc.
By that we disclose the personal data held, if there is a risk that harm the rights
and interests of
life and property, physical and other third party or the person in
By that we disclose the personal data held, if there is a risk to seriously impede
proper implementation of the business of our
By that we disclose the personal data held, when it comes in violation of other
laws and regulations

If that if you charged correction with respect to personal data held our such as
the addition
, your request and if you do not require correction or the like from the
purpose of use is different from the fact
If it is your claim Delete respect to personal data held on our use stop etc.
(hereinafter referred to as suspension of use, etc.), use of (purpose outside
violation of procedure on our, corresponding to the third term or acquisition If no
deliver) to a third party in the event other than the
If you are in the case that if it is your request suspension of use, such as in
relation to
personal data held on us, I do use stop etc. is difficult and it can
protect the rights and interests of the person in question by alternative

5.Handling of linked personal information

We linked from the Web site, and for the handling of personal information on the
site that our group other than the run, can not be our responsibility.

6.About revision

In us, there are the change of the use purpose, safety improvement, a case to
revise this policy depending on the revision of laws and ordinances concerned and
the model again. In the visitor, I recommend that I have you confirm it regularly
in our Web sites.

Note 1:This is called the personal data has the authority that we make the
disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., it holds more than six months.

May, 2013
Suzuki Precion Co.,LTD.