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Suzuki Precion delivers total support
from drawing to development

Based on the technical capabilities that are
cultivated for many years,we make delicate,
secure and safe medical equipment by
"manufacturing" fused with state-of-the-art
facilities. From drawing to development and
manufacture,we provide customers by OEM.
Also, we certified ISO13485:2003 of the
international standard.From production,
inspection, until delivery,we run it under

Single-hole formula endoscopic surgical

Industry-university cooperation joint
product Re-usable SILS
port 2
Medical equipment manufacturing sales report

Suzuki Precion will cope in the emerging technology at all times.

From the scanning model to 3D CAD
drawings and 2D CAD drawing, we do
full support of design developer.
Mock-up by the 3D printer, scanning
of product by the 3D scanner, such
as DICOM conversion, We meet it by
wide service.

We can accommodate processing of
circle of the composite automatic
lathe, angle thing by machining
center, furthermore, until the 3D
shape processing with 5 axis
processing machine.
Starting with titanium, it also
any material.

We support a wide range methods of
other than cutting.It also supports
ultra-small diameter wire(φ0.03mm),
ultra-precision type carved
discharge,the microfabrication due to
micro-laser processing machine.

iryou-image05.png We get the medical device
manufacturing industry.Up to this
is natural!!
We acquire ISO13485:2003, and QMS compliance survey is Performed.
Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs
adviser, we are face to face with
medical equipment honestly.

image08.png Our services are not limited to only
parts processing.It supports a wide
range of
pure water precision
, packing, labeling, to attach
text put seal.(It works in a clean
cleaning and packing.)